Battle steel ballistic blanket

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Canada — - Ammoland. The company declined to provide sales figures. Co-developer Steve Walker, an Oklahoma podiatrist, came up with the idea of a protective blanket after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings in late and a tornado a few months later that killed 24 people in the Oklahoma City suburb of Moore, including seven children at school. NOTE: Sigh.

Teaching children to be sitting ducks under blankets? No thanks.

Sitting Ducks Under ‘Bullet Proof Blankets’ … No Thanks

Our national membership supports and promotes Canada's firearms heritage, traditional target shooting competition, modern action shooting sports, hunting, and archery. We support and sponsor competitions and youth programs that promote these Canadian heritage activities.

This is a ridiculous idea! First of all, the bright orange color will no doubt attract the attention of a shooter. That thing has about 12 times the surface area of one of those plates so, if it could stop rifle ammo, it would weigh over 85 pounds. If you do the opposite of what they do you will always come out ahead! Fred How israel does things is the absolute wrong way to deal with any problem.

Besides they are the ones who are behind the dis arm America scheme. License,train,and arm the teachers and staff to protect the kids!

This nonsense here is just more of that liberal knee jerk crap! One thing that we will never run out of is stupid ideas. Bad guys bring guns to schools while the good guys are disarmed.

Guess we will never learn. I just love that part about the Gov not going to do anything about gun laws. How about the deranged nuts that do the shootings. Nothing, that is, in the minds of mentally deficient liberals, who cannot IMAGINE that arming teachers would let them dispatch would-be killers without delay. Such a deal!The protective blanket can be used for protecting walls, covering a running person, covering a suspicious package and much more.

It easily bends to conform to the need — and is highly durable. The fabric used is typically less than one pound per square foot. In comparison, rigid wall panels are x the weight. This means humans can easily carry and structures can easily support a ballistic blanket. It can easily be stored in advance of an emergency, such as in the trunk of a car.

This allows you to keep it discreetly where you need it most. Completely made in the USA, our blankets use highly tested materials you can trust. Our soft protection for handgun levels is official Dupont Kevlar, which provides trustworthy protection for decades. Straps, grommets and other attachments make them prefectly mobile. From deserts to tundras, your custom ballistic blanket will perform for decades.

Degradation is not acceptable. Our multi-layered fabric will last. The exterior shell is what protects the ballistic material from exposure to the elements, which could lead to degradation of the ballistic interior. This is especially true in an exterior environment, but also with typical rough handling a blanket will go through.

If improper material is selected for the cover gashes, rips or micro-tears may accumulate in the blanket cover allowing water or UV exposure to reach the Kevlar material. A bullet resistant blanket is like a life vest — if straps, handles and other features are placed in the wrong spots it may be the difference between life and death in an emergency.

Our experience is based off real use of our blankets in battle, defense and crisis. With our blankets they use official certified material. Because we work with military clients, they often need to be tested to military specs. Schools may choose to store a Kevlar blanket in each classroom and deploy it over their door during a lock down.

If it comes to it, teachers may grab excess ones to run through halls and reach kids who may be stuck in a dangerous area. Embassies around the world use bullet-resistant blankets to provide ad-hoc protection to whatever area is threatened, such as during violent protests.Wisconsin — - Ammoland.

We put it on our bed and slept under it for almost two years. These blankets are very thick, very warm and last sometimes a lifetime.

3A Body Armor vs. 5.56 Nato and 7.62 x 39

They have had a strong presence on both sides of the US-Canadian border for over years. Blankets were the most sought after trade item. One of the most important things about wool is that when it is completely soaked it can still provide protection from the elements. Cotton, the other primary fiber used for clothes and blankets, is useless in cold weather when wet. Volunteer soldiers would show up to fight, bringing their own rifle, field gear and their HBC blanket.

Most current HBC blankets are King 8 point and Queen 6 point size, produced to be used on a bed in a home not carried in the field by a soldier.

Ballistic Shields and Blankets

This way the soldier was only technically issued one blanket, per his military allowance. In the War of American privateers would attack and capture British ships. The idea spread to the volunteer militiamen and the first use by American forces of a camouflage uniform was produced.

Christmas is coming and so are hard times. This year instead of buying an I-phone or I-pad, how about an I-blanket for someone you really care for. When the power goes out and it is cold that blanket always works. He is a graduate of the U.

battle steel ballistic blanket

Army Infantry School. His efforts now are directed at church campus safely and security training. Please Login to comment. Most reacted comment. Hottest comment thread.

Recent comment authors. Notify of. I have a 3 pointer my mom bought 70 years ago On a trip to Canada. Still good.Our highly maneuverable ballistic blankets can be used in a variety of tactical situations. These blankets can be used in vehicles, over windows, walls, doors and for man down in active shooter situations. If you email us, please allow business days for a reply. Due to the numerous calls we get throughout the day please assure that the inquiry of your order or issue is an important matter.

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battle steel ballistic blanket

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Ballistic Blanket

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Customers may request to cancel order if incorrect address was provided.Manufacturers Minimum Allowed Price is Displayed. Use Request Quote for special pricing. Our highly maneuverable ballistic blankets can be used in a variety of tactical situations. These blankets can be used in vehicles, over windows, walls, doors and for man down in active shooter situations.

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Out Of Stock. Customers Also Viewed. Designed and packaged to be carried White, Chesapeake. It is capable of stopping at least 3 shots of.Products Per Page: 8 12 16 20 40 Columns: 1 2 3 4 6. Choose Options. Our Everyday Backpack provides a discreet layer of lightweight anti-ballistic protection.

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This backpack features an included Level IIIa White, Chesapeake. It is capable of stopping at least 3 shots of.

Level IIIA Ballistic Blanket vs. Machine Guns: Can It Stop Rifle Rounds???

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battle steel ballistic blanket

Specifications: USA 3. Rugged, machined aluminum rail mount clamps around 12 gauge shotgun magazine tube to provide rail space on three sides for secure mounting of tactical lights and laser aiming devices. Gets your light Battle Steel Discreet Weapon Case is designed for users who need concealment. Made durable with Cordura Nylon, closed cell foam This tactical rifle case is budget friendly without the compromise of quality.

battle steel ballistic blanket

Case will comfortably fit up to two 35" rifles inside the main double compartments. Extra additional pockets to hold the Our highly maneuverable ballistic Base Bolt Pattern works with other optics such as Holosun, Bushnell and others Providing single point sling options for Remington and Mossberg shotguns, the Patent-Pending Side Mount Single Point Adaptors install simply with no modifications or gunsmithing required.

Mounts to Quicker, easier reloads for right or left-handed shooters. Lets you activate the magazine release with the thumb of the non-firing hand while keeping the rifle on target.

Specification: Made Lightweight and versatile, the Battle Steel Dual Rail Front Sight Accessory Mount gives the user a mounting solution designed to accommodate dual flashlight or light and laser setups, and many other The Battle Steel Magazine Drop Pouch attaches with a fully adjustable and removable Omega style belt hanger and leg straps, or attached directly to the belt for a tactical high ride.

Pouch also US Gorernment Designed for everyday use as a clipboard that becomes a layer of protection in an emergency situation. The armor technology is derived from solutions developed for the Department of Defense. Delrin extension handle and storage Nickel Boron NiB is a durable bolt carrier group coating that provides reduced friction with excellent corrosion resistance.

NiB impregnates the surface and becomes part of the metal. This process Large mesh side pockets hold a beverage or other gear. Roomy main compartment opens wide for easy packing. These cans is stackable, sturdy and was originally used to hold linked Self centering mechanism and first of its kind.

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